Baarle, the village extends over 2 municipalities: Baarle Nassau and Baarle Hertog. Not located on 'the border' as many think, with the Belgian municipality on one side and the Dutch municipality on the other side, no, the village is about 3.5 km away of the border established in 1843 (Treaty of Maastricht). However, it houses 30 enclaves, certainly also exclaves.

Baarle, de (counter)enclaves
Baarle huisnummer

Baarle NassauIt
consists of 8 enclaves, of which 7 counterenclaves in the largest Belgian enclave H1.

Enclave N8 is the only Nassau enclave that is located outside the main border, or in other words, completely within Belgium.

Baarle Hertog

consists of 22 enclaves,all completely surrounded by the Netherlands.

Baarle huisnummer

An enclave is an area of a country that is completely surrounded by another country. For the land it encloses it is an enclave, for the land it encloses it is an exclave.

Within the 30 enclaves of Baarle there are another 7 so-called counterneclaves. The enclave contains an area completely enclosed by the enclave and belonging to the surrounding land.

Baarle, de (counter)enclaves


The first mention of Baarle dates from 992, a mention of a border conflict dates from 1198, the year we see on the border marker at the St. Remigius Church (corner Kerkplein/Singel).

Duke Henry I of Brabant wanted a buffer zone because of the expansionism of Count Dirk VII of Holland. He entered into an alliance with Godfrey II of Schoten, Lord of Breda.

In 1198 he acquired land with enclaves, as they still exist today. Border corrections did not take place after 1198. Not in 1648 when the border was established between the Spanish and the Dutch territories, not in 1843 when the border between Belgium and the Netherlands was established, not on October 7, 1974 and not on October 31, 1975 when the borders/enclaves were established. from Baarle.

Baarle Hertog
Grenspaal 214-215

Boundary marker 214 - 215

Officially no border marker as established in 1843. Called a tourist border marker. However, for the residents of Baarle, the marker has great historical significance, which is clearly evident from the year 1198. However, the border including all 30 enclaves has only been recorded for the first time since 1667.

The enclaves N(assau)

     N1              N2              N3            N4

     N5              N6              N7              N8

Enclave N8 is the only Dutch exclave located south of the main border (so actually in Belgium).

The enclaves H(ertog)

H1  H2    H3     H4     H5     H6       H7      H8

H9      H10     H11      H12     H13     H14    H15

H16    H17     H18      H19     H20     H21    H22

H1 and H2 are adjacent to each other at 1 point. At that point, two parts of the Netherlands also come together. It is a so-called Quadripoint, a point where 4 territories touch each other. There are no country quadripoints in the world. We know, among other things, Four Corners in the USA, where 4 states meet, we know Jungholz in Austria/Germany and this point.

A first visit

Grenspaal 214/215 Baarle
Grenspaal 214/215 Baarle
Grenspaal 214/215 Baarle

Enclave N3

Enclave N3 is the smallest counterenclave in the world, with an area of 2,863 m2 and a perimeter of 218 meters.

The enclave is best known for the location of the liquor store 'De Biergrens'.

Enclave N3

De foto's binnen zijn gemaakt met toestemmming van de eigenaar.

The company has 2 addresses and 2 telephone numbers.The boundary runs straight through the store and is clearly indicated on the floor.

Until 2002 (€) there was a cash register for Belgian francs and a cash register for Dutch florins (guilders).

Enclave N8

Enclave N8 is the only Dutch exclave that is not located in a Belgian enclave (a so-called counterenclave). Seen from the Netherlands, N8 is located across the land (main) border with Belgium, completely in Belgium.

It is partly a nature reserve and partly used for agriculture. Corn will be grown on it in 2024.

Enclave N8

From Zondereigen 101 you can easily walk to enclave N8. The walking path partly runs along it.

Enclave N8

Netherlands (no enclave)


At the Gorpereind near the 'Eikelenbosch', the house numbers 1 - 9 are located in a half bowl.

Two nice discoveries.

Baarle Gorpereind
Baarle Gorpereind

Up: Gorpeind 3

Left: Gorpeind 1 (backgate)

Enclave H1

Enclave H1 is the largest Baarlese enclave. More than 79% of the Belgian population lives in enclave H1.


Enclave H1 is the only enclave in the world in which there is more than 1 counterenclave, ergo 6 of the 7 Dutch counterenclaves are located in enclave H1.

Enclave H2:

the quadripoint

In the set of enclaves there are only 2 enclaves that share a point.

Two Dutch parts lie on the other sides of the point.It is actually impossible to get from one area to another without passing this point.

Although not a quadripoint of 4 countries, it is a quadripoint of 2 countries, with 4 different areas.

Enclave H2

Enclave H7

Enclave H7 is the smallest enclave in the world. You will also find these as most points in my 'most points' overview.

With only 2,469 m2 and a circumference of 214 meters, she is impressive!

The enclave measures 1.5 houses and part of the gardens.

Enclave H7


Around WW II the house was occupied by Dutch soldiers. However, they have no idea of the border development and the sovereignty and autonomy of the border countries.

The Belgian judiciary intervened and after moving offices and beds, the Dutch soldiers were allowed to sleep in Belgium, but not to work there.

Enclave H22

A remarkable enclave, popularly called 'No man's land' and disputed until 1995, when it was assigned to Belgium.

H22 is the second smallest enclave worldwide (2,632 m2) and has the smallest perimeter worldwide, namely 209 m. The smallest enclave in the world is H7 (2,469 m2), circumference 214 meters.

H22 can be reached on foot via the 'Oude Strumpt', walking route 80. The walking path to it is freely accessible. T.v. However, H22 must be deviated from the walking path.

Enclave H22

In Google still 'No man's land'

The Netherlands has returned a large part of its land to nature. The over-fertilized land has been excavated for this purpose, which is clearly visible;

H22 is considerably higher.In March 2024, trails were still quite wet. According to a local farmer, that is actually always the case there. It was doable with wellies.

Oude Strumpt

On the way back from H22 you will probably drive over 'de Oude Strumpt'.

Choose at No. 21 before turning right and you cross the main border via a 'dirt road'.

Nowhere is this main boundary indicated here.

Baarl, Oude Strumpt