Here I like to share information about enclaves/exclaves in general and specific the ones I visited:



∆ Campione d' Italia


The world knows 62 territorys entirely surrounded by the territory of only one other state or entity.

30 of these worldwide territorys, you'll find at Baarle (Be/NL).

For a total >worldwide view< on enclaves just look here.


Baarle (Be/Nl)

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A lot is allready has been told, but I know a lot ain't. The enclaves of Baarle are hugh and ain't - so called - easy to contain in one word.

Baarle includes 22 Belgian enclaves, in those 22, there are 7 Dutch counter enclaves.

Actually there's 1 Dutch enclave inside Belgian, inside the main inborder.

Just have a look on my page 'Baarle' for a view and (kind of) guided tour.

Quadripoint Baarle

Büsingen (De/Ch)

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Büsingen is a German exclave inside the Fedral Swiss republic.


Jungholz (At/De)

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Jungholz is an Austrian exclave inside Germany.

Besides it's an enclave, it also contains a quadripoint, where Austria and Gemany each others borders cross.

That quadripoint we'll find at mountain 'Sorgschroten' at 1.635 mtr. altitude.

Jungholz Sorgschroten