While we are on a campground at

Neureichenau (DE) to hike next day to the tripoint A/CZ/DE, we made this night a small after dinnerhike in the woods behind the campground.

Borderstone 47

Here we walked into a stunning and pitoresque bordercrosspoint from DE to A (v.v.).

Borderstone 47

Watch the BM on the otherside in the red circle.

Bordercrossing Dreissesselbergstrasse Neureichenau

Feldkirch - Büchel

            (At)                            (Ch)

The bordercrossing Feldkirch - Büchel is situated on the Rheinbrücke near the most Westernpoint of Austria, the tri-point of At, Ch and Li, BM no. 135.
See the own sections for info on that.

bordercrossing Feldkirch, bordercrossing Büchel, bordermarkers, Rheinbrücke

In this section some pictures of the border and how the border is visualised on the bridge.

The border is exactly in the middle of the river Rhein.


Grenspalen, Oostenrijk, grensovergang

In june 2024 we drove the Wurzenpass from Austria to Slovenia and passe the border on top of the pass.

Besides a bordercrossingsline (orange/red in the picture) I found 2 bordermarkers (no. 227 and 228).

The border was established by the

Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919), just after WW I.

Grenspalen, Slovenië, grensovergang

Westernmostpoint of Austria

The most Westernpoint of Austria is situated at bordermarker no. 135, at the river Rhine near Feldkirch.

It actually is also the marker of the 3i-point of Austria, Lichtenstein and Schweiz (At/Ch/Li).

The most Westernpoint is near the Rheinbrücke.

More info over this borderbridge you will find here.