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International border researchgroup IBRG

With IBRG I was able to be part of next expeditions:

   (expedition to Märket Isle, devided by
    11 bordermarkers FiSe)

   Expedition to the NoRu border around Kirkenes (No)
   Expedition to Northermostpoint Finland and EU
   Expedition to both tripoints FiNoRu and FiNoSe

   Expedition to Cyprus >upcomming next september<

IBRG stands for International border research group, a group I became a member in 2023.

It's great to explore borders in international company, meanwhile I might say, with international friends.

With Jannis we're the 2 Dutch members of IBRG. Harry was a Dutch member as well. We still miss him!
Communications mostly take place through the facebooksite 'Borders'.

Here we find more ppl from the Netherlands, who are member of the facebookgroup, but not member of IBRG.

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