Most Northernpoint Finland


In Finland I visited:

Northernmostpoint of

@ Nuorgam

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The Northernmostpoint of
Finland at Nuorgam (Njoargänn) is as well the Northernmostpoint of Europe .

It is situated on the river 'Teno'. In the midle of this river is the the border with Norway.

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Most Northernpoint Finland
Most Northernpoint Europa
Most Northernpoint Europa

We talked with a customs officer, who offered us coffee and cookies and told us the highlites of the customs work at this particulary bordercrossing.

Besides some bordermarkers and bordersign, there's a special marker to mark the Northernmostpoint of the European Union.

Because the exact point is situated in water, the marker is placed on land on a

easily accessible place


of Finland

In june 2024 we, Barry, Steen and I visited Nuorgam during the IBRG expedition Artex-24.

At 05:00 we left our hotel in Kirkenes. We drove ± 2 hrs through marvelous landscapes with f.i. mountains and (lots of) lakes.

Entering the borderzone, we first cross the customsborder, which actually is the Northernmost customs border in the World.

Northernmost bordercrossing

of the world

Polmak - Nuorgam

Northernmostpoint of Finland

Northernmostpoint of the European Union

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