Želená Ruda (Cz) - Bayerisch Eisenstein (De)

Here you find an impression of the by border devided railwaystation at the border of

Želená Ruda (CZ) - Bayerisch Eisenstein (DE).

Borderstone Želená Ruda
Borderstone Želená Ruda

Left and right two visuals of how the border devides the station, as well as the stationbuilding.

Besides the railwaystation, we also walked around it and met some bordermarkers around it.

Borderstone Želená Ruda

Horni Planá (Cz) - Ulrichsberg (De)


Dreissesselbergstrasse Neureichenau

Zadní Zvonková - Schöneben (At)

The actual border here is brook 'Rotbach'.

While traveling through Czech, we passed this border and we saw just one BM: I-34

Valtice (Cz) - Schrattenberg (At)

Just behind Valticea (Cz), we passed this bordercrossing and found a twin BM,
with the different numbers: X-17/6 and  X-18.

Lanžhot (Cz) - Kúty (Sk)

If you are close to a border, it might be logical to visit it. In this case the border between Lanžhot (Cz) - Kúty (Slo).

The two border guards/policemen present, couldn't tell us if there would be any BM.

Dolní Dvořiště (Cz) - Wullowitz (At)

On our way to Austria we stopped at the border of Dolní Dvořiště (Cz) - Wullowitz (At).

Good to see that it used to be a border full off checks.

At the border we spotted 4 bordermarkers:
∆ III 28/16
∆ III 29
∆ III 30/1
∆ III 30/2

Moravia, Moravië, bordermarkers, grenspalen

Even before 900 there was a Great Moravian Empire, so called after the river Morave.

The Margraviate excists since 1182. Untill 1918 (end WW I and end of Austria-Hungaria). It has been under many Kings and bishops. For a long time the Moravian were loyal to the Luxembourg.

Since 1918 Moravia is part of the

Czech Republic, so decided by the

Treaty of Saint-Germain.

Moravia, Moravië, bordermarkers, grenspalen

Historic border stone - a landmark, marking the border of the Margrave of Moravia. The stone stands by the Border Road and the 4th Moravian Trail near the Czech-Slovak-Austrian Triple Border. The historical boundary stone - the landmark was planted in 1775 during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa to mark the border of the Margraviate of Moravia.

Moravia, Moravië, bordermarkers, grenspalen

We biked to the stone from a parking at road 425. A nice bikepath lead us through a National Park to this former border marker. Single route it was almost 12 km.