Jungholz (At)

Jungholz is an Austrian exclave fully surrounded by Germany. It is situated in the Nortwest part of Austria in the district Tirol.

Sorgschrofen (1.636 mtr.)

There are some specials to be named.
One is mountain Sorgschrofen. On the top of this mountain 2 parts of Austria and 2 parts of Germany meet each other.

That point is a quadripoint, same as we → found one in Baarle (Nl).

Enclave Jungholz
Enclave Jungholz, quadripoint, Sorgschrofen

Untill 24 juni 1342 Jungholz was part of Beieren (De). Since this date it became part of Tirol (At).

Borders were decided in 1844 and 1850 in agreements between the Kingdom of Beieren and Empire Austria/Hungaria, also known as the Dual Monarchy or Donau Monarchy.